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Vanderburgh Signature Series humidors are a step from the norm.  These humidors are projects taken on entirely by our artists uninfluenced by anything but their own inspiration.  

This Signature Series humidor by Master Craftsman Ryan Shervill has been painstakingly crafted with traditional methods and time tested joinery.  This design was entirely created by Ryan.

Ryan used solid and stately profiles of contrasting woods that artistically displays the precise cuts and classic design.

The body of this humidor is solid 7/8" thick Zebrano wood which as a very distinctive grain.  This humidor is lined with a very manly 3/8" thick Spanish Cedar and has our trademark 1/2" thick solid granite as it's floor.  

American Made solid brass hardware ensure the lid will be functional time after time.

All dividers are removable and are made from exotic Zebrano.

Humidification is provided by our own small production humidfiers.  They are mounted strategically in the vertical plane which provides optimal humidification to where humidity is required the most.  They are made from solid Aircraft aluminum and contain RH beads at 70%.  These humidifiers are only found on our Signature Series humidors.


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