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I want to be a better husband, dad and businessman and I am far from perfect. Some of these writings are random thoughts and others are to illustrate ideas, discoveries and life experiences. I hope you enjoy it.

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The Classic Life


Open the Door for your Wife

Opening the Door for your Wife.

It might be a generational thing, but have you ever seen in old movies how the husband always opens the door for his wife?  

I think it's a lost art.  An act of respect.  It's not that she can't open the door for herself, but it's the fact that we are putting them ahead of ourselves.  We're thinking of them first.

Today it's so common to run from one place to the next.  Taking our kids from football practise to music lessons.  Our faces are stuck to our smartphones.  We seldom take these few moments to show respect to another individual - especially the most important person in our lives.

Next time you are out, go ahead and open the door for your wife.  You'll show her in a real simple way that she's very important to you.

- Eddie

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Wisdom from a Taxi Driver

Wisdom from a Taxi Driver

I'm in Chicago right now, and I took a cab to the place where I wanted to go.  I'm always interested in talking to cab drivers because these guys have a lot of time to think about life.  They also see people at their best and their worst.  They're probably among the wisest on earth.

My cab driver Asian - I think Japanese.  His black hair looked too black (probably died) but in the rear view mirror I could see that his face was smooth and unwrinkled.

We said our basic niceties, and somehow he mentioned he was 72 years old.  I couldn't believe it - and then proceeded to ask him a few things about his family.

Then he started sharing with me some of his wisdom that he had found over the 72 years of being alive.  Nothing was earth-shattering, but nonetheless his timing was perfect because I need a reminder of this stuff just like all of us.

Here's what he said (in abbreviated form).

  • Learn to love yourself.  Love yourself first.  When you love and take care of yourself first, then you can...
  • Love your family.  They are your true friends.  When you love and respect yourself you can take care of your family properly.
  • Always be kind and forgiving to people.  People will like you when you are nice, and you will be without enemies.

Now this is a guy I would love to spend more than 10 minutes in a cab with.  However our drive was done, we bid eachother farewell.

Great wisdom from a taxi driver.

- Eddie

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The Power of the Written Word

The Power of the Written Word

Lerryn and I are bringing my daughter to University in about a week's time and over the last week we had purchased some of her text books (used) off of Amazon to save some money.  Over the last couple of days they started to arrive in the mail.

Yesterday her and I went to the post office and in the car she started to open some of the packages.  As she leafed through some of the books, to her excitement - there were many handwritten notes and highlighted marks.  We immediately joked about how easy the semester will be with all the answers written in the books.  

But what if the previous owner failed the course?

And then I got thinking of times back in high school when the odd textbook had writing or notes, or even answers.  I never got the best grades in school, and I immediately assumed that whatever was written in the pages was accurate and believable.  It didn't matter if they were completely wrong - I believed them to be correct.

And then I think of how many times we believe the handwritten words on paper as the truth.  There is power in hand-written words.

Why don't you take a minute today and write someone an old fashioned letter.  Not typed.  Not word-processed.  Hand written.

Write something that could help change the course of someones life in a positive way.  Some encouragement.  Something awesome.

Pop it in the mail with one of those sticky things called stamps.

There's power in the written word.

 - Eddie


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Increasing my Impact

Increasing my Impact

There's a lot of talk these days about:

  • reduce your carbon footprint
  • leave the earth the way you found it
  • tred lightly
  • reduce your impact on the environment etc

While these are good (and I totally get what the intent is) why are we so concerned about leaving things the way they are?  Personally I'd like to increase my impact on the world in a positive way.

  • support a family in africa with food and opportunity to thrive
  • plant some trees in deforested areas
  • help cook food for a local soup kitchen
  • go across the road and help your neighbour build a shed
  • invite someone over for Christmas dinner that's not part of your family

Increase your impact.


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