Lou Rodriguez CigarsHere are some links that I would recommend and suggest.  Some of them are people I have dealt with over the years and some are great informational resources.  Enjoy.

StogieFresh - Simply the best online educational resource for cigars.

MacQueen Pipes - My favorite pipes.  Hand-made with wooden stems.

Saddleback Leather - Simply the best rugged and casual leather bags, leather wallets and briefcases you can find anywhere.  I personally own about 7 of their products.

Mombacho Cigars - My friends at Mombacho - Premium cigars of Nicaragua.  First class and easy smoking.

Jameson Cigars - I love their 'Declaration' line of cigars

Bucanero Cigars - Their El Capitan is my favorite go-to cigar.

Cro Magnon Cigars - We designed and built their limited edition humidor.  Powerful, savory cigars.

Lou Rodriguez Cigars - Delicious box-pressed maduro cigars.  Outstanding.

Land Rover - We own a 1954 Vintage Land Rover Series 1, and are currently restoring it.

Real de Catorce - one of the coolest places we have traveled to and visited.  If you have the opportunity - visit Real de Catorce, Mexico.


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