Spanish Cedar Sticky Resin SMWhat are those Sticky Blotches in my Humidor?

You may find one day when you open your cigar humidor that you see dark sticky patches or blotches on your humidor lining.  These can be shocking, and can cause a few problems.

These blotches are actually resinous sap that often appears after the Spanish Cedar has been milled.

Spanish Cedar is naturally oily and resinous.  It's in the resins where Spanish Cedar gets the rich spicy aroma.  Depending upon how close to the centre of the tree the board has been cut, often the oils can migrate to the surface of your humidor.  The oils can be a bit problematic as it is fairly sticky and can glue your cigar wrappers to the wood. 

Though these oils can be cleaned alcohol and acetone, sometimes the sap can be relentless, almost never ending. If the oils continue to be problematic, rub them down with some 400 grit sandpaper periodically until they stop appearing. Although somewhat annoying, the more oils in your Spanish Cedar wood, the more pleasing the aroma will be.

Removing the Sticky Blotches.

I use a 2-step process in removing the resinous sticky blotches from the humidor.

1.  Rubbing Alcohol or Acetone

  • Take a lint-free cloth and dab it in some rubbing alcohol.
  • Rub along the wood grain across the blotches.  The alcohol should bring up the blotches so that all that is left is a shadow of where they used to be.
  • Wait for the alcohol to dry completely before moving to Step 2

2. Sand with fine grit Sandpaper

  • Take some fine sandpaper and rub (again the same direction of the grain) the same area where the blotches once were.  This should remove the rest of the stains.
  • Be sure to let the humidor air out so the rubbing alcohol scent is completely dissapated.  Otherwise you may impart a nasty scent into your cigars.

You may find that after a few months the resin may return.  This is completely normal.  Repeat the process again to removeSticky Blotches SM

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