Among the most unique humidors in the world.artisan humidors

Often we find very special pieces of wood only large enough for one humidor.  Alternatively we connect with an artist and collaborate together to form a collective artistic piece.  Vanderburgh Architectural Humidors happen when conventional design is set aside to create artwork in it's purest but functional form. 

There is no way to generally describe these humidors.  In some instances, a special piece of wood is showcased.  Other times it's the artist.  And still other times it's the craftsman himself.  Or maybe a combination of all of the above.

Enjoy this collection of fine artistic humidors that are truly one of a kind.  Each humidor tells a story.

Handcrafted for you.  Prices: $4500+.

Enjoy some images of our Architectural and Artistic Humidors that we have built for previous clients.

Vanderburgh Artisan Series Humidors can be purchased and seen on display at DFS Galleria in Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore airportsDFS logo



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