Rugged.  Elegant.  Functional. 

The Outback4 Travel Humidor is a product I designed for myself since I so much enjoy the outdoors.  I wanted something that was rugged enough to Vanderburgh Outback4 Description MDtake on a hike, but classy enough to be worn with a twill suit. It is truly a man's travel humidor.

The outer protection is supplied by a durable full-grain hand-made cowhide pouch lined with cow suede. It has been stitched with durable marine-grade polyester cord that will withstand the test of time.

It has hidden pockets under the flap that are large enough to hold a Palio cigar cutter, and one Zippo sized lighter (or two bic lighters).

The flap folds over another pocket situated directly in the front. This front pocket has been designed to hold a 6 oz hip flask filled with your favorite spirit.

The interior humidor is actually a removable insert that has been hand-cut from two laminated solid pieces of Spanish Cedar. It has 4 chambers that will house 4 large cigars (up to 6.5" long and 58 ring gauge). Once you remove the interior humidor you can use the pouch for whatever you want such as a side satchel.

Humidity is supplied by a unique Humidity Fabric sheet installed just under the cap. Humidity Fabric is used in museums to control humidity of fine artwork. This fabric regulates the humidity to 60% RH on the inside of the humidor. Alternatively you can use a humidity tube in one of the cigar chambers.Saddleback Leather

  • 8.25" long x 3" thich x 5.75" wide
  • Rugged full-grain Cowhide, lined with pig skin.
  • Capacity: 4 cigars
  • Front pouch to hold 6 oz hip flask
  • Internal pouches to hold cutter and lighter or box of matches
  • Humidification:  Museum fabric holds humidity at 60%
  • Cap: Milled solid aluminum
  • Exotic wood inlay
  • Spanish Cedar body
  • Comes in 3 Colors:  Coffee Brown (Dark Brown), Chestnut (Reddish Brown), Tobacco Brown (Lighter)
  • Price: $345
About Our Leather:

It's no secret that Saddleback Leather crafts all of our leather designs for us.  We are proud to have them as partners that we can count on.  Feel free to visit their website for other complimentary luggage and leather gear that is of supreme quality.


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