Vanderburgh Granite Floor Humidors. 

The innovators and pioneers of the stone and granite floor humidor.

Vanderburgh Desktop Humidors are built with a unique and naturally innovative system that offers beauty and temperature stability in each custom desktop humidor Vanderburgh Humidor Interior MDdesign.

Naturally stability.  Natural beauty.

Vanderburgh custom humidors are built with solid 1/2" thick (13 mm) granite or stone being integrated directly into the structure of the humidor.  This granite floor serves a few purposes:

  • It offers a rock-solid foundation for your cigar humidor.
  • It offers temperature stability as granite naturally has a consistent stable temperature.
  • It offers beauty not found in other humidors.  Our granite is specifically selected for character, beauty and sparkle.
  • It reveals an unexpectedly beautiful interior when your humidor is opened.
  • It gives a solid, stately feeling of substance. 
  • It allows the floor of your humidor to be easily cleaned.

In addition to using granite as the floor base, the vertical walls of our humidors are lined with solid Spanish Cedar (not a veneer as commonly found in most humidors) offering all of the benefits that you receive from Spanish Cedar.

Since introducing the original granite floor humidor, other hobbiests have attemped to get 'The Vanderburgh Humidor Look' by trying to capture the beauty that our specially selected granite floor humidors offer.  In choosing Vanderburgh, you are choosing the original, authentic granite and stone floor humidor.  There's no substitution.

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