Luxurious.  Unique.  A true example of fine craftsmanship.panel-humidors

Vanderburgh Solid Wood Panel Humidors are truly an expression of precision craftsmanship.  Built with traditional cabinetmaker's techniques, these humidors showcase the beauty of solid wood profiles.  Traditional rail and stile construction accent the natural grain direction and character of the wood.  Raising the profile of the contrasting panels exemplifies the apperance you receive only from solid wood construction.

These humidors have precise joinery and can be built to almost any size.  These humidors feature minimum 3/4" thick (19 mm) solid body, and a minimum of 1/4" thick (6.5 mm) of genuine Spanish Cedar.

The design is truly first class and very unique.  Complicated design and one of a kind. 

Handcrafted for you.  Prices range between $2400-$3200+.

Enjoy some images of our Traditional Panel Hardwood Humidors that we have built for previous clients.

In-Stock Humidors


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