Handcrafted Desktop Humidors

In a day where mass production and synthetic materials are found everywhere, we often feel we take a step back in time.  We build humidors the way furniture was made 100 years ago.Click to see what makes a Vanderburgh Humidor different.

We build with traditional methods.  Noble natural materials.  Solid hardwoods.  Stone forged by thousands of years of pressure.  Leather that takes you back to the time of explorers, twill jackets and old Land Rovers.

Some of our humidors are simple and elegant.  Some are complicated and inspiring.  Some belong in an art gallery.  We build our humidors out of materials that hold true value, and withstand the test of time.

And even though our humidors are pieces of art, we haven’t forgotten their true purpose:  perfectly preserving your collection of fine cigars.

Come on a journey with us...
A journey of discovery.  A journey of artistry and passion.  A journey of creative experimentation.  A journey of discovering unique materials and finding different ways to use them.

Here's a summary of what you can expect in Vanderburgh Humidors.

  • Handcrafted with solid hardwoods.
  • Brilliant solid granite floors.
  • Solid Spanish Cedar lining.
  • Solid Brass American-Made Hardware
  • Traditional Joinery
  • Attention to proportion, detail and balance
  • Truly functional artwork
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