Real full-grain leather... Classic.  Elegant.  Timeless.Saddleback Leather

It's no secret that Saddleback Leather crafts all of our leather designs for us.  We are proud to have them as partners that we can count on.  Feel free to visit their website for other complimentary luggage and leather gear that is of supreme quality.

We use real full grain leather from American hides at Vanderburgh & Co.  That means the hides have not been altered, sanded or re-finished in any way (aside of course from the tanning process).  It’s traditional leather as it used to be.  In fact, all of our leathers are Vegetable Tanned which means they are typically tanned with organic extracts (such as tree bark) to add colour and add to it's preservational qualities.

Full grain leather is leather that comes from the very top layer of the hide.  The hides are completely natural, and have all the original character.  This may include natural scarring, insect bites and the odd time a rancher's brand.  These are not your common flimsy garment or upholstery leathers.  They're the kind of leathers that look better the harder you use them.

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About our design approach:

We approach all of our leather designs function-first.  This means we create useful items that fulfill a true need.  Around the need we create the art.  In no way do we sacrifice quality for the sake of making a product more inexpensive.  Our products need to be made the way they need to be made.  You will understand when you receive yours.

If you'd like to educate yourself more about the quality differences of leather, please click here.


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