3D Visualization and Humidor DesignArtistic Glass humidor MD

Virtually designing your humidor.  Leaving nothing to chance.

 Often people have a difficult time visualizing what a humidor design may look like.  If you are that type of individual, our 3D Humidor Visualization is perfect for you.

As part of our design service, we will first build your custom humidor in 3D so you know what it will look like before a single piece of wood is cut.  Our designs are photorealistically rendered and are astonishingly similar to your final custom humidor design.

This service allows you to visualize what a specific wood species looks like on your humidor design.

The proposals we offer our clients are clear with precise dimensions, specfications and details all outlined for your approval.  Nothing is left to chance, and everything is clearly illustrated so you know what you are purchasing.

Click on a few images below to see examples of our 3D Virtual Humidor Design Services.

The Beatles Humidor Concept Real MD3D Concept Before After MD









3D Design MD



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