vanderburgh hinges MDVanderburgh Solid Brass Hardware. 

Milled brass hardware built withstand the test of time.

Vanderburgh Desktop Humidors employ beautiful, solid brass hardware as part of the entire structure of your humidor.  Hinges take much abuse, and are often the first thing to fail on inferior humidors.

The strong, silent type.

Our solid brass hinges and fasteners are milled from solid brass stock.  They are not stamped as many hinges are:

  • Our hinges are over-engineered to carry the weight of solid hardwood lids.
  • They milled from solid brass stock, not stamped or brass plated like many other hinges.
  • Our hinges alone cost us more than many complete imported humidors.
  • Hinge options include completely hidden as well as externally visible.
  • Completely silent and non-squeaking.
  • Our hinges keep your humidor lid fixed in the same position offering the perfect seal


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