Vanderburgh quality diagram SMTraditionally crafted for art and preservation of your cigars.

Working with fine hardwoods in traditional ways is demanding, exacting, and laborious.  By traditional methods, I mean that our hands, design and skill are foremost to the process.  We use proven methods of joinery, tested by time and built to last longer than us.

This is not traditional woodworking in the pre-industrial sense.  We do use power tools, and modern glues and finishes which are the best products of the science of our time.  Some of our travel humidors blend modern technology and lightweight alloys to create a perfect balance of both function and beauty.

We measure and draw lines, then saw and shape.  We sculpt complex surfaces and contours by the interplay of vision and experience.

Each humidor is designed not only for art, but also for pure intelligent function.  Your Vanderburgh Humidor is designed to protect and preserve your fine collection of cigars so that each one can be enjoyed at any time for it's paramount flavor and burn.

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  • Solid Hardwoods
  • Genuine Materials
  • Solid Granite
  • Spanish Cedar Lining
  • Handcrafted elegance and class
  • Thick full-grain leather
  • Premium hardware
  • Passive or electronic humidification

We make it our passion to search out the most unique, genuine materials, and the most talented artists. Together, we make some of the most unique and quality handcrafted custom humidors found anywhere in the world.

I hope we have the opportunity to earn your business.

Eddie DeJong-Vanderburgh
President & Founder
Vanderburgh & Company Limited.

Creating the worlds best built and artistic humidors is what we love to do.





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