We at Vanderburgh & Co. Ltd. are a team of artists, craftsmen, and dreamers.  We celebrate art, function and quality not often found today. 

Craftsmanship found from an age when time moved much slower. Here you will find unique designs made with the most beautiful natural materials.  Wood that tells a story. Attention to detail not found in mass-production. Leather that brings you back to the days of explorers, twill jackets and old vintage Land Rovers.

Some express art through music.  Some through poetry.  Some through forging metals or manipulating clay. 

We express art through the designs we create and the lives we live.

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Neil Vandegrift

“The 100th Anniversary Humidors by Vanderburgh were exactly what we were looking for.  Skillfully crafted.  Careful attention to detail and traditional materials – all designed to resonate with the heritage of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.” – Neil Vandegrift – Licensing Manager – Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Matthew Hein

“Fine cognac, and cigars are the perfect pairing.  We created an event featuring a limited series of humidors that would cradle world-famous Hennessy XO cognac with a selection of cigars.  This humidor had to reflect the same level of handcrafted quality and class as the Hennessy brand, and we chose Vanderburgh to design and craft this piece.  We couldn’t be more happy” – Matthew Hein – Moet Hennessy Brand Ambassador

Bryan C Bailey

“Hands down the nicest cigar accessory I’ve ever seen! The attention to details shines through in everything they make. Do yourself a favor, and buy one of these for yourself! Thanks Eddie for the excellence of your products and for your amazing customer service!”