Burled Pecan Humidor - 50 Count

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15.00 LBS
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This handcrafted 50 Count Humidor is entirely embodied in a beautiful Burl Pecan wood. Spanish Cedar lined interior will hold your desired humidity once properly seasoned and maintained. 

The Vanderburgh & Co. 50 count humidor is sure to accommodate any fellow cigar connoisseur. Designed to create the optimal environment for the favorite cigars of passionate cigar lovers.

Made from hand-picked woods, it is sure to enhance any space you place it in. Classic lines and unique grains will stand out in an exquisite lounge as well as in the home of an ardent cigar lover.

Our very own craftsmen custom mill all humidifiers from aircraft aluminum. The humidifiers are designed with an easy screw off backing to allow the replacing of humidity beads a breeze. Even the hinges for the lid are all individually handmade one at a time. 

Humidity and temperature are monitored by a digital hygrometer flush mounted into the lid and can be removed easily in order to change the battery. 

The engineers at Vanderburgh & Co. integrated our specially designed humidifier system to store exquisite cigars in an ideal, electronically monitored microclimate to preserve their worth for days on end.