Vanderburgh One Travel Cylinder

Posted by Blake Droesch via Cigar Aficionado on 21st May 2015

Vanderburgh One Travel Cylinder

There's nothing quite like smoking a cigar in the great outdoors. Whether you enjoy a stroll through the woods, the open fairways on the golf course, or something a little more adventurous, it's always better when you bring a cigar along. To prevent that special smoke you've been saving from getting damaged by the elements, consider the Vanderburgh One Travel Cylinder.

This hefty cylinder, which is handcrafted from heavy-duty aluminum, feels indestructible in your grasp as you're trekking through the wilderness. The elegant leather wrap allows you to get the firm grip necessary for opening the airtight, 100 percent waterproof capsule, and is available in four colors: maduro brown, oscuro black, natural tobacco, and chestnut.

Vanderburgh & Co., based in Ontario, Canada, prides itself on creating products that are a synergy of art and function. The company is best known for their custom humidors that are handcrafted from exotic woods by a small team of master craftsmen. Vanderburgh also produces a line of solid-hardwood and handblown glass ashtrays.

Their dedication to old-world craftsmanship and quality carries over to the Vanderburgh One Travel Cylinder ($123), which is made with aircraft aluminum and full-grain leather.

"This particular cut is of the very top layer of the hide," said Vanderburgh founder Eddie DeJong. "This leather is not bonded leather (leather sawdust mixed with glue) or anything inferior. The best leather I could find was used on this item."

While the One is ideal for outdoor use, its elegance and sleek design means it's fit for the cigar bar as well. The aluminum is anodized by the same company that treats metal on BMW and Audi automobiles and the top of the lid is capped with an inlay of exotic Zebrano wood.

Although Vanderburgh & Co. claims the case will hold a 7 inch by 54 ring gauge Churchill, we found that anything larger than a 52 ring gauge stick may get stuck inside the case and risk damaging the wrapper. DeJong says he plans to design a new case that will accommodate larger ring gauge cigars, as it has been requested by some of his clients.

The One's strength is storing smaller sized cigars, though we would advise the extreme outdoorsmen against bringing a petite corona along on a whitewater rafting or mountain biking excursion, lest it may get damaged if it moves around too much inside the case.

The One Travel Cylinder is aptly named since it fits only one cigar. This isn't the right travel case if you're planning on supplying the smokes for the entire campsite, nor is it practical for a journey that might call for multiple cigars. But that's not the point of this product. This is the travel case for that special cigar—the one you've been saving for the back nine, the first fish of the day or the view at the peak of the mountain. It's the individual case, for the individual cigar, for the man at one with nature.

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